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6 mil Carpet Containment Film by BearAcade

The BearAcade™ Products line is dedicated to improving the abatement of noxious materials by bringing new technology and methods that result in improved isolation containments. A new way of building containments has been developed to address both the quality and lower overall costs. New materials consisting of adhesives that are removable but have the holding power to provide containments that will not fail, and methods of building containments, including applicators that can deliver ten times the average square foot per man hour have been developed. This new system, "The BearAcade™ Way" has provided some contractors the ability to double their business and deliver improved containments to their customers. "The BearAcade™ Way" was developed and tested by abatement contractors to insure real world performance on the job.

The goal of creating containments is to isolate the workspace from the outside environment, allowing for the control and removal of harmful materials such as asbestos and mold. To achieve this goal, the containment must have the ability to create and maintain a sealed environment for the time to complete the work. Current containments made from duct tape and poly film have failed to meet this requirement. They fail because the duct taped film releases from the wall, reducing or eliminating the negative pressure within the containment. This creates the potential for particle release outside of the containment. Walls and floors, under negative pressure, "billow" out or up to distances of 2-3 feet creating loss of visual space. Workers must be careful to avoid cutting or tearing the "billowed" film with tools and equipment. The two layers of floor film not only "billow," but are slippery. This can cause tripping and other safety concerns. Insurance rates reflect many of these hazards of building containments with the current method using duct tape and poly film.

  • BearAcade™ significantly outperforms commonly used methods of containment - Accomplishes this goal by creating and maintaining a sealed environment for the time needed to complete the work
  • Custom applicators allow this system to be installed at an average lOx faster than traditional containments, criticals at least 2x faster - Less ladder time and gets you off your knees
  • Designed for containment applications with the help of professional abatement contractors and highly trained engineers
  • Reduces overall costs, improves profits, and wins more contracts
  • BearAcade™ containments withstand 50% more negative pressure required for asbestos containments with no billowing
  • Complies with Containment Standards
  • Stocked in Standard and Fire Retardant- Multi-Purpose & Carpet
  • Floors are not slippery, since each layer is bonded to the surface below it
  • Easy to clean and vacuum
  • Self-adhesive film keeps leaks from spreading, not allowing the release of contaminates into the environment
  • By reducing the time spent on ladders, on knees and bending, workmen's comp. rates can be lowered
  • Printed with the BearAcade™ trademark, providing confidence
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6 mil Multi Surface Containment Film by BearAcade

6 mil Multi Surface Containment Film by BearAcade
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