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What is "light dep" and how does it work? How much will I increase my number of harvests with light dep?
Light deprivation, aka light dep, is the process of forcing plants to flower with sunlight in a time of year that is not normally the flowering period of the sun's natural lighting cycle by creating a 12 hour/12 hour lighting cycle. This allows growers to control the timing and number of harvests. 3 harvests per year are a real possibility. Growers also have more control of the timing of the harvests for optimal profit.
What type of material is BOLD®? How long will it take to get my material?
100% polyethylene with string-reinforcement for tear resistance. Stock rolls ship out in 1-2 days plus transit time
Can I get a custom size? What is the difference between breathable and BOLD®?

Yes, custom sizes are available with 3-4 week lead time.

Size guidelines :

Widths - in 6.75' increments

Length - minimum 50' in 5' increments

Breathable light dep covers tend to be much more expensive (2-5 times more in some cases). BOLD® can be used on the outside of the greenhouse, breathable covers are meant to be used inside a greenhouse under a clear cover & are not designed to withstand the weather elements.
What is the difference between "Panda" and BOLD®? How do I secure/attach the BOLD light dep cover?
BOLD® is an 8 mil string reinforced complete black out cover rated for 2-3 years with superior tear resistance. Panda is a 5 mil non reinforced partial black out cover rated for less than 1 year and tears easier. Often users will attach the tarp to one side of the greenhouse and secure it with some type of ballast on the other side so it doesn't billow in the wind.
Do I need ventilation? What's the best way to pull the cover and can it be used with an automated system?
Some type of ventilation is recommended if the cover is on for a full 12 hours. BOLD® covers are light enough to be pulled by hand and it can be used with arm assisted tarp pullers like BOLD EZarm or automated greenhouse systems.
How well does BOLD® hold up against strong winds? Can BOLD® go directly on my greenhouse frame?
BOLD® light dep tarps are made with rip stop reinforcing string to prevent ripping in strong winds. Using some kind of ballast to aid in holding it down is always recommended. Americover recommends the applying greenhouse felt tape on all areas where BOLD® will come into contact with the greenhouse frame since PVC frames can off-gass and steel or metal frames heat up exponentially under the sun.
Can BOLD® be sewn or welded? How is BOLD® shipped?
Yes, it can be welded or sewn and we can Rolls over 125 lbs are shipped on a reinforced pallet, lighter rolls are boxed and shipped UPS.

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