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Aeris Antimicrobial Multi-Surface Covering

AERIS 90/30™ – Always Active Copper Antimicrobial Protective Covering

With the onslaught of microbial infections in our environment today, you may find yourself continuously reaching for hand sanitizer or disinfectants.  It can be cumbersome to remember to wipe down everything everyone touches every time it is touched.  What if there was a way for these frequently touched surfaces to self-disinfect and minimize the transmission of viruses and infection-causing bacteria?

Aeris 90/30™ does exactly that with its innovative copper technology.  Laboratory studies show copper alloy surfaces self-cleaned by almost 50% within the first 15 minutes of initial germ contamination.  Within 30 minutes, 90% of the microbes were destroyed and after 2 hours the surface was 99.99% clean.

How is that possible?

Aeris Antimicrobial Copper Technology

Scientists have confirmed that metals including gold and silver are antibacterial, but copper is unique in comparison because of its atomic structure.  A free electron in the outer orbital shell of electrons causes an oxidation-reduction reaction.  This chemical reaction destroys the DNA and RNA inside a bacteria or virus by creating holes in the cell membrane or viral coating.  Ions continuously blast germ pathogens to prevent cell respiration and the mutation of microbes into drug-resistant superbugs.  Since silver and gold don’t have this free electron, therefore they are less reactive.

Emerging copper technology

The EPA recently announced that “certain copper alloys provide long-term effectiveness against viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.” Copper not only works to kill microbes within a couple of hours, but it also continues to remain in effect for weeks to years while traditional disinfectants work at the time they are used.

Copper is already a widely established active ingredient in antimicrobial technologies such as infused fabric face masks, compression sleeves, hospital surfaces, and bedding.  This technology has been used for over a decade in hospital settings.  Aeris 90/30™ is manu­­factured in the US using the same proven technology to embed copper ions in the film itself.

Aeris 90/30™ Multi-Surface Antimicrobial Protection Film

A durable 2 mil self-adhesive film that sticks to textured and smooth surfaces in high traffic areas to kill viruses and harmful bacteria.  When used alongside other microbial control strategies, Aeris 90/30™ presents a clear value in areas where sanitary measures and public health are of the utmost importance.

Common surfaces that Aeris 90/30™ can be used on include entry doors, work surfaces, public devices, and displays, as well as shared surfaces.

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