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The Benefits of a Logo

Branding your business with a logo makes your company unique and helps to build the foundation for your company’s reputation.  A logo that is often associated with a slogan gives your consumers a first and lasting impression that will hopefully differentiate you from your fellow competitors.  By using your logo in marketing strategies, advertising and maybe on promotional give-aways like pens and t-shirts, people are able to identify your company.  That’s why we are proud to announce that we offer logo printing on some of our most popular products.

Which products does Americover offer with your custom logo?


 Sticky Mats


Sticky Mats also known to some as tacky mats, are most often used at the entrance of clean rooms because of its ability to remove dirt and debris, preventing contamination to sensitive areas.  Property owners love this product because it keeps the contractors from tracking dust and rubbish back and forth during renovations.  Sticky Mats are perfect for high traffic areas and easy to use.  With 30 sheets per mat, when one sheet becomes too dirty just peel it away to reveal a clean sheet.  Since each sheet is numbered you will always know how many you have left.  The starter kit comes with one tray and one mat of 30 sheets.  The tray conveniently allows you to move your sticky mats from one location to another.  Add your custom logo so that anyone who walks by can see it.


 String Reinforced Poly 

string reinforced poly


String Reinforced Poly is a heavy duty plastic sheeting great for crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers, ice/hockey rinks, greenhouses, containment and many other applications.  The material is available in a variety of sizes and mil thicknesses.  The extrusion lamination process of two layers of linear low density polyethylene and one layer of polyester string reinforcement that makes this film exceptionally strong.  Your logo can be printed on clear or white poly, consumers get what they need while your company markets to potential customers, because great work doesn’t go unnoticed.


 Countertop Cover

countertop cover

Countertop Cover is great for protecting your countertops during renovation.  It is designed to use on granite, laminate, Corian®, marble and laboratory top surfaces.  It’s tough and helps prevent scratches, paint stains, and dust collection from the surface.  The adhesive won’t transfer and the application can remain on the countertop for up to 150 days.  Add your custom under our slogan “covered because we care” for free!


 Heat Shrink Wrap

Heat Shrink Wrap is made of 100% virgin resin materials with maximum UV inhibitors for long term outside usage. This film is most commonly used to shrink wrap boats and machinery, but is also ideal for scaffolding and transportation covers.  The white film reflects heat and if sealed correctly stays tight in all weather conditions.  As for our green friends, this material is recyclable using the REBAG recycling bags.  This is an excellent way to show off your company logo if you are doing scaffolding work or transporting, but could also be beneficial to installers as well.