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Aeris Antimicrobial countertop cover

Antimicrobial Protection For Countertops From The Factory To Client

– Reduce Microbial Contamination Every Step Of The Journey

Countertop manufacturers, fabricators, and installers have used self-adhesive plastic sheeting to protect countertop surfaces for years.  However, COVID has forced companies to have to consider how to ensure products have less contamination as a frequently touched surface.  Americover has a solution to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on countertops to deliver a cleaner, fresher product.

Protection from the Factory to Client

Counter-tops need protection from start-to-install to prevent damage such as surface scratches and scuff marks.  Hundreds of different people may touch a single counter-top slab before it’s installed in a customer’s home.  Americover’s Aeris 90/30™ technology provides continuous protection until final delivery ensuring that products arrive with less contamination.

Aeris 90/30™ copper technology

Copper is a natural and highly effective material used to protect against disease transmission.  Decades of research have shown that copper oxide impregnated products possess broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties including antiviral properties. **  A study in 2010 revealed that “impregnation of copper oxide into respiratory protective face masks endows them with potent anti-influenza biocidal properties without altering their physical barrier properties.”

Aeris 90/30™ reduces microbial contamination

Americover has partnered with several technology companies to create Aeris 90/30™; a self-adhesive plastic film infused with copper technology.  You can reduce the ability of bacteria and viruses to remain active the surfaces are active even when proper cleaning practices are not implemented.  With Aeris 90/30™ protective film you can create a bacteria-resistant surface to minimize the presence of microorganisms that could potentially transfer to each person who touches the surface, regardless of how many times it’s touched.  Laboratory Tests show a reduction of microbial contamination reduced by 90% in as little as 30 minutes and 99.9 % in under 2 hours.

Aeris 90/30™ vs. Common Disinfectant Products

When comparing the effectiveness of Aeris 90/30™ to commonly used disinfectant products like Lysol spray and wipes, the “Use as directed” portion typically goes unnoticed. Lysol recommends that you pre-clean the surface then let it remain wet with the solution for 10 seconds to sanitize and wet for 3 minutes to disinfect.  Aeris 90/30™ can be placed directly on the surface and requires no pre-cleaning to activate the copper technology because the antimicrobial protection is built-in.

About Americover

For years, Americover has been a trusted source for innovative US-made surface protection products to many different industries.  We take the time to understand the problems our customers face and dedicate our resources to finding or creating a solution.  For more information about Aeris 90/30™, fill out the form below or give us a call today at (866) 789-3641.


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