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Tax Breaks for Environmentally Friendly Buildings with Green Roofs

New York State has just expanded and extended the duration of the property-tax abatement for buildings that install an environmentally friendly “green roof” — one with plant life that helps provide energy-saving insulation and other eco-benefits. (Habitat Magazine, Jan. 17, 2014) Amending the original 2008 law, it doubles the previous maximum benefit of $100,000, adds […]

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Radon Mitigation Systems

Understanding how radon enters your living spaces is an important step to installing a radon mitigation system.  This article link provides you with basic info on radon systems.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our specialists.  Our staff is very educated on the matters of crawl space and radon mitigation and we’d […]

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Underslab Vapor Barriers: What is ASTM E-1745-09 and Why is it Important?

  Many of the vapor retarders installed under building slabs do not perform adequately due to improper placement or puncturing. Ineffective vapor retarders will not reduce permeability enough to control even the small amount of moisture it takes to interfere with the bond integrity of modern flooring systems. All major flooring manufacturers have specifications requiring […]

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