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Helpful Painting Supplies from Americover – Podcast

Check out this podcast from Stitcher mentioning some ideal painting supplies you can use during home improvement projects. This week Fix It Home Improvement talks about some basic painting supplies such as drop cloths, tarps, painters tape,  and other helpful accessories. With painting supplies such as Deck Covers, Carpet Covers, and Rapid Wall Covers, Americover is your number one source […]

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Proper Ventilation for a Light-Deprivation Greenhouse

The key to any successful greenhouse is a proper ventilation system.  Ventilation systems in greenhouses serve four key functions: air circulation, CO2/Oxygen replacement, humidity control, and temperature control. The main function of ventilating a greenhouse is to remove warm, moist air, and replace it with drier air. Because high humidity causes unwanted condensation and increases […]

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