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Pulling tarps with BOLD EZarm

BOLD EZarm for tarp pulling

Americover’s BOLD EZarm makes pulling tarps easier and faster.  One person can cover and uncover a greenhouse in less than 5 minutes! The BOLD EZarm adjusts to cover greenhouses 12′ to 15′ high, up to 30′ wide and 100′ long.  Each adjustable arm is mounted to a concrete foundation and pivots on poly bushings specially […]

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DIY Slip n Slide in 5 Easy Steps

DIY Slip N Slide

Looking for a summer project your kids will love? School is finally out, which means the kids are home for the summer. Looking for a wallet-friendly and fun way to beat the heat? Make your own slip n slide! Not only is it fast and easy, but also a project that the whole neighborhood can […]

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Americover is Going Carbon Neutral!

  We strive to be environmentally aware and responsible in everything we do here at Americover. This year, we are proud to announce that we are participating in the Carbon Neutral Program with one of our main carriers – UPS.  In addition to other sustainability efforts, UPS now offers a carbon neutral shipping option, which has […]

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Fire Safety Tips for the Job Site

Fire risk varies depending on which phase of the project you are in.  A prevention plan that accurately reflects the status of a project can significantly reduce the risk of financial loss, structural damage, injuries, and even death.  The number of fire related injuries and death decreased significantly over the years due to agencies like […]

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All About Fire Tests, Certifications, and More

Fire Safety Standards   State and local regulations are minimum standards that imply the need for stringent pre-fire management standards. This type of regulatory process ensures a series of fire safety standards that predicate upon minimums, but become maximums when applied as law – meaning everyone should be adhering to them. This greater level of […]

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Some Quick Statistics on Fire Related Damages

  This infographic goes to show that fires are among the most prominent dangers we can face in our daily lives. With how easily they can begin, and how quickly they can spread, fires can pose an immediate threat to structures, buildings, homes, and much much more. Fire related damages can lead to thousands, if […]

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Top Temporary Floor Protection Products for Install & Dismantle


Most if not all exhibit venues have rules regarding temporary floor protection before set-up.  Many contracts state, “Contractors must maintain no damage to the floors, carpets, venues’ walls and ceilings, and must cover the floors using plastic sheeting and/or carpet to protect these assets before entering any equipment or decoration to the venues.”  The last […]

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