BOLD at SoCalCC Expo

BOLD Appears at the 2016 SoCalCC Expo

BOLD Makes Another Star Appearance!

Americover was a proud participant at this year’s SoCalCC Expo (Southern California Cannabis Convention) held at the San Diego Convention Center! At the event, industry professionals from all over the country were displaying the latest in the cannabis industry. At the event, we were given a unique opportunity to exhibit our latest in greenhouse films, liners, and covers. Our signature product, BOLD, was on the spotlight as more and more growers are realizing the benefits of incorporating light deprivation techniques to increase their yields and maximize their harvests year-round. BOLD is a specially engineered 8 mil reinforced black/white greenhouse film that offers 100% light deprivation. Many of our expert representatives attended this special event, giving us a unique networking opportunity with other industry professionals.

Want More Information About BOLD?

Missed us at the SoCalCC Expo? If you subscribe to any cannabis related publications, always be sure to look for our ads! Also, please feel free to contact us at 1 (800) 747 6095 if you wish to receive more information on BOLD. We are more than happy to send you free flyers, specification sheets, brochures, samples, or a POS display if you are an active vendor, grower, or supplier to the greenhouse industry. Buy a roll and ask about getting a free BOLD T-shirt! Call today!