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2018 Disasters Teach the Importance of Hazard Mitigation

Floods, hurricanes, and wildfires left paths of devastation in 2018. Although cost estimates are still being compiled for the year’s natural disasters, conservative assessments of damages are staggering. The Ohio River crested at 60.53 feet in February, causing the worst flooding much of Ohio and Kentucky had seen since 1997. Louisville, Kentucky alone suffered $3.5 […]

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Fire-Retardant vs. Fire-Resistant

  Americover offers fire-retardant plastic sheeting for a variety of applications. Our specialty products like Heat Shrink Wrap, Anti-Static, String Reinforced, Black-Out, Printed and Non-Printed polys are suitable flame-retardant products for a variety of industries and purposes. Customers often confuse fire-retardant with fire-resistant products. When dealing with fire safety, it is always prudent to have a working understanding […]

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8 Safety Products for Summer Construction

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (SOII), more work-related injuries occur during the summer months than at other times of the year. There’s nothing cooler in the hot summer months than safety on the jobsite. We want your summer to be pleasant and safe. In honor of National Safety Month […]

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Vapor Barrier Applications in Post-Frame Construction

Vapor barriers in post frame construction

Post-frame buildings or pole barns are popular for commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes. Built on concrete slabs and often capped with metal roofing, post-frame construction can pose unique vapor barrier challenges. From slab to walls to roof, here are ways to protect your post-frame building from moisture by installing proper vapor barriers. Vapor Barriers Under […]

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What is Anti-Static Poly?

Anti-static plastic bags and poly film are used to minimize static electricity and damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). These materials do not generate static, making them the ideal packaging for storing electronic parts and components in environments where ESD and the associated risk of fire are present. In this article, we’ll explain the types and […]

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Dust Control: A Complete Guide

Americover Complete Guide to Dust Control

… Dust control during an interior renovation isn’t just a matter of cleaning up surface dust. The name of the game is dust containment. You want to proactively mitigate the risks dust poses, like respiratory illness and permanent damage to furniture and electronics. Doing so can save health, money, and reduce stress by preventing expensive […]

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Weatherizing for Winter with Plastic Sheeting

Weatherize for the winter with Americover

… Heating and cooling account for nearly 48 percent of the average home’s energy expense, and with winter here, plastic sheeting offers a few easy ways to save on monthly utility bills. Effective weatherizing also prevents mold and mildew in the home. Americover is an industry leader that specializes in quality plastic sheeting. Our experts […]

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2017 Disasters Teach Importance of Hazard Mitigation

Importance of hazard mitigation

… The year 2017 will be remembered for its hurricanes and wildfires. Although cost estimates are still being compiled for the 2017 hurricane season, a conservative assessment of damages from just Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria start at about $202.6 billion. Moreover, at the time of writing this, Santa Ana winds have spread six major […]

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Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a DIY novice, following best construction practices and investing in the right protective materials will prevent damage to your floors throughout a remodel. Taking proper precautions for new floors secures your remodeling investment and guards against contaminating adjacent areas not under renovation.   Best Construction Practices Also Protect Floors […]

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