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Canada just legalized marijuana. Who’s next?

On October 17, Canada made history when it became the latest country to legalize marijuana. Following Uruguay’s lead, Canada chose to end its federal prohibition on weed. Although Canada legalized medical cannabis in 2001, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spent two years pushing for the legalization of recreational use. The Canadian government action reflects society’s […]

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Act Now to Save Light Deprivation Cultivation

As a California cannabis grower, you likely rely on light deprivation to produce high quality, high-yield cannabis crops. You know that “light depping” reduces costs, energy consumption, and environmental impact. Yet a new proposed regulation to enforce the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) threatens light dep practices. In fact, the […]

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Light Deprivation with Americover’s BOLD® Products

    Light deprivation cultivation is on the rise, creating a demand for quality ‘light dep’ products. Whether you’re fairly new to greenhouse cannabis cultivation, selling greenhouse supplies, or are a contractor who builds greenhouses, you need an understanding of light deprivation and products that best support the process. Americover’s BOLD® (Black Out Light Deprivation) […]

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How to Extend the Life of Your Greenhouse Cover

    A good greenhouse cover provides optimal light transmission and diffusion, allowing the right amount of sunlight to your plants. Greenhouse covers protect your plants from the elements. As a grower, you work to control any conditions that could adversely affect your plants. In fact, by mitigating the stresses on your greenhouse cover–chemical reactions, […]

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8 Common Greenhouse Cannabis Growing Mistakes to Avoid

A greenhouse can be a perfect place to start seedlings or raise your budding cannabis plants to maturity. Greenhouses offer a combination of protection and controlled sunlight, doing much of the hard work for you. However, there are several cannabis-growing mistakes that beginners and small-scale growers often make. Here are eight you’ll want to avoid. […]

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Americover Attends Seed-To-Sale Show 2018 in Denver

On Feb. 7, Americover attended the 2018 Seed to Sale Show at the Colorado Convention Center. The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) produces the annual event, which focuses on innovation, technology, science, and best practices.   More than 3,000 attendees and hundreds of exhibitors ascended the glass building of the convention center during the two-day […]

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Why Darkness is Important for Cannabis Plants

Most cannabis growers know that darkness is just as important as light to plant growth. While greenhouse growers in California and the Pacific Northwest are able to take advantage of the long summer days to yield two or even three harvests out of the season, it’s still darkness that helps the cannabis flourish. Christopher Teague, […]

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Ten Advanced Tips for Cannabis Light Deprivation

10 light deprivation tips from Americover

Light deprivation, or “depping,” is a technique used by growers to maximize yield by manipulating light exposure to mimic light conditions that occur in the fall, which forces plants to flower. If you’re new to depping, you may want to review Americover’s intro to light deprivation before digging into the advanced tips below. For those […]

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Tallying up the Cost of California’s 2017 Wildfires

Cost of California’s 2017 Wildfires

With 42 people killed and more than 14,000 structures either destroyed or damaged, the wildfires that tore across Northern California this fall are the most damaging in the state’s history. Now numbers continue to roll in showing just how costly this disaster was. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said that $3 billion in claims have […]

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