root barrier

Root Barrier, Environment for Trees and Structures

Trees! Fruit trees, oak trees, bamboo trees, there are so many different types of trees. They provide shade, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and serve a lot of purposes in our everyday life. Trees can also make our landscape look fabulous! However you can’t just plant a tree without consideration of location and most importantly you can’t plant a tree in your yard without a root barrier.

What is a Root Barrier?

A root barrier is a heavy duty plastic sheeting, that is flexible and waterproof. It’s put in place to keep the tree roots from accessing structures and prevent moisture loss from the soil. Root barrier is used in bios wales, new house construction to stabilize reactive clay under foundations, waterproof cutoff walls, prevention of contamination migration, and hardscape protection.

What does Americover recommend for Root Barrier?

We offer a 30 mil and 40 mil HDPE film for Root Barrier. Since roots have sharp points, a root barrier must be extremely puncture resistant to redirect the roots of a tree.

Better Homes and Garden has a pretty nice selection of recommended trees for your yard. Trees such as fruit of hawthorn, little leaf linden, Japanese maple, crabapple, and more.