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What Exactly is “Fire Retardant”?

DID YOU KNOW?   Obviously not all of these fires are construction-related, but it demonstrates the importance of preventing fires when we can. Agencies like OSHA, NFPA, etc, have developed guidelines and standards to help us implement fire safety plans and utilize products that will help reduce the injuries and fatalities associated with fires on the […]

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All About Fire Tests, Certifications, and More

Fire Safety Standards   State and local regulations are minimum standards that imply the need for stringent pre-fire management standards. This type of regulatory process ensures a series of fire safety standards that predicate upon minimums, but become maximums when applied as law – meaning everyone should be adhering to them. This greater level of […]

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Fire Retardant vs Non Fire Retardant

Americover offers fire retardant films, but as a consumer what does that mean for you?  Below are a couple demonstration videos of a professional burn test on a fire retardant and a non fire retardant material.   So What Exactly Is Fire Retardant?   You may often hear the terms “fire retardant” or “fire resistant” […]

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