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What’s That Smell Coming From My Crawlspace?

If you have encapsulated your crawlspace with a vapor barrier liner from Americover, it is definitely not coming from your crawlspace liner. Americover’s crawlspace liners and vapor barriers are manufactured in the USA with 100% virgin polyethylene, so it will not permeate or off-gas like cheap regrind plastic sheeting does. Click here to see a […]

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Product In Action – Crawlspace Encapsulation

Carl from New Jersey – DIY Crawlspace Installation Carl purchased our string reinforced poly 6 mil clear and 12 mil white/black for his crawlspace project at his sister’s house in New Jersey. He followed the “Advance Energy Study guidelines” to complete his project and shared with us photos of his lined crawlspace. Carl used the […]

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Which mil thickness is right for your Crawlspace?

If you are repairing your crawlspace or installing your crawlspace once you have measured the area being covered, the big question becomes what type of plastic should I get and how thick should it be?  The recommended mil thickness is 6 while the average store bought plastic is 4 mil to 6mil, is it the type […]

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