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What is Anti-Static Poly?

Anti-static plastic bags and poly film are used to minimize static electricity and damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). These materials do not generate static, making them the ideal packaging for storing electronic parts and components in environments where ESD and the associated risk of fire are present. In this article, we’ll explain the types and […]

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Annual Halloween Photo Contest Winner 2016!!


CONGRATULATIONS Jefferson Township Haunted House!     Americover is proud to announce that Jefferson Township Haunted House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ is the winner of  this year’s annual Halloween photo contest!  Congratulations on winning a FREE roll of 10′ X 100′ Black Fire Retardant Poly Sheeting for next year’s haunted attraction!   Americover has been supplying the Haunt Industry […]

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What Exactly is “Fire Retardant”?

DID YOU KNOW?   Obviously not all of these fires are construction-related, but it demonstrates the importance of preventing fires when we can. Agencies like OSHA, NFPA, etc, have developed guidelines and standards to help us implement fire safety plans and utilize products that will help reduce the injuries and fatalities associated with fires on the […]

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Halloween is Approaching! | Tips for a Haunting Attraction

The Haunted Holiday   Halloween; Each year in the US, Americans all across the nation truly put their creativity to work to show the community what a real fright looks like. From small residential home attractions, to huge commercial displays, Halloween is a perfect outlet to let your imagination wonder. If you are making a […]

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All About Fire Tests, Certifications, and More

Fire Safety Standards   State and local regulations are minimum standards that imply the need for stringent pre-fire management standards. This type of regulatory process ensures a series of fire safety standards that predicate upon minimums, but become maximums when applied as law – meaning everyone should be adhering to them. This greater level of […]

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Top Temporary Floor Protection Products for Install & Dismantle


Most if not all exhibit venues have rules regarding temporary floor protection before set-up.  Many contracts state, “Contractors must maintain no damage to the floors, carpets, venues’ walls and ceilings, and must cover the floors using plastic sheeting and/or carpet to protect these assets before entering any equipment or decoration to the venues.”  The last […]

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Product in Action – 14 mil Fire Retardant Film

Thank you Buddy for submitting these awesome photos of our TS14FR material in action, protecting new glass walls being installed in this hospital project. These are some amazing captures and we appreciate you taking the time to send them in!   TS14FR is a 14 mil extrusion laminated, reinforced, fire retardant film. This film passes […]

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