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Light Deprivation Covers • Greenhouse Covers • Overwintering Film



BOLD - Black Out Light Deprivation Tarp


Light deprivation also known as light dep is a technique used in horticulture to force crops to bloom earlier. By depriving a garden of an extended photoperiod, the plants stay in a blooming stage. This means a bigger and better harvest, sooner.


The black-out cycle can be done automatically or manually. There are a lot of different options for both methods. The black-out cover should be durable and highly tear resistant to endure the rigorous motion of each cycle change during the course of growing.


Light deprivation is a very sensitive process because the slightest bit of over or under exposure to light or darkness can cause the plant to revert back to a vegetative growth stage. Proper ventilation is another important factor to consider to avoid condensation and heat build-up, which creates an ideal environment for mold to grow.


Americover’s light deprivation tarps for greenhouses are scrim reinforced, extrusion laminated, virgin poly film. The white outer layer contains UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to deflect light and reduce high temperatures inside the greenhouse, which will also reduce humidity levels. The carbon black outer layer enhances outdoor life and blacks out light for the light deprivation cycle. The scrim reinforcement between the black and white layers enhance the light dep tarp’s puncture and tear strength, increasing the service life.


Product Highlights:


• 100% light blocking

• 8 mil thickness available in custom sizes up to 330ft wide

• Scrim reinforced for added strength against rips and tears

• White side is heat reflective

• Withstands both heat & cold (-70°F to 180°F operating temperatures)



Bloom Room / Grow Room Black-Out Curtain


The bloom room or grow room technique is similar to light deprivation, but this takes place inside a room or building. If the room is smaller you may not need something as heavy duty as the scrim reinforced poly. Americover’s 4 & 8 mil Blackout Poly are fire retardant, double black, polyethylene sheeting. It's perfect for indoor bloom rooms and flowering rooms. Blackout Poly is light enough to hang as a wall or a partition with tape. This blackout plastic passes NFPA 701, ASTM e 84 and the California Title 19. Printable fire certificates are also available. This is an economical choice for growers using indoor grow rooms and bloom rooms.


Product Highlights:


• 100% light blocking, double black

• 4 & 8 mil thickness by 100 feet

• Fire Retardant – passes NFPA 701 and California Title 19

• Flexible and light-weight, yet durable



Greenhouse Cover


picture of a clear plastic film

A Greenhouse is a structure that allows plants to grow despite the outside weather conditions by containing the heat generated by the sun. This is why it is important to have a translucent or transparent cover to let the sun shine through. In some cases when it’s extremely cold it may be necessary to have a heater, but the primary source for heat and light should be from the sun rays. Ventilation is always a factor due to ground moisture getting trapped with shifting temperatures.


These covers are translucent, scrim reinforced poly that provide protection against wind, rain, snow and other weather elements. This gives the grower more control over the indoor growing environment. The polyethylene film is carefully attached to a frame constructed of wood, metal or plastic and can generally last one to three growing seasons.


Americover’s Greenhouse covers are economic, energy-efficient and easy to install. The Greenhouse plastic covers are 10 or 12 mil extrusion laminated, reinforced poly film that contains two layers of clear co-extruded polyethylene (COEX) and one layer of high strength polyester string reinforcement. This plastic sheeting is significantly stronger and more tear resistant than standard 10 and 12 mil poly films. The co-extruded films, the extrusion lamination process, and the high strength reinforcement scrim make this film exceptionally strong, puncture and tear resistant. Added UV inhibitors give DS10HUV an expected longevity of a year, and TS12-HUV an expected longevity of 4 years both in fully exposed outdoor conditions.


Product Highlights


• 10 or 12 mil thickness

• Custom sizes available

• Withstands both heat & cold (-40°F to 180°F operating temperatures)

• UV inhibitors added



Grow Room Partition


A grow room partition can maximize the space of a grow room and your harvest by dividing it into sections with a vegetative room for seedling and clones, and a bloom room for flowering plants.


Americover’s grow room partition poly is a 6 mil, fire retardant, anti-static film that meets NFPA 701 standards. This material is great for indoor grow rooms because it is light-weight and easy to hang as a room partition or to line the walls. The anti-static properties keep things like static electricity, dust and other particles from sticking to the poly. The fire retardant additive is good for applications in environments using constant electrical components like lights and fans. This partition plastic is used for indoor grow rooms typically in conjunction with the 4 & 8 mil black fire retardant plastic sheeting used for bloom rooms.


Product Highlights:


• Off white color is light reflective

• Fire Retardant, passes NFPA 701

• Anti-Static slip keeps dust and particles from sticking to it

• Light-weight and flexible



Grow Room Partition Zipwall® System


The Zipwall® system is an easy way to set up a room partition. This system was originally designed for dust containment to build a room or partition off a job site. The Zipwall® kit system contains spring loaded, light-weight poles that extend from 5 feet up to 12 feet or 20 feet (depending on what size kit you purchase). The poles hold the plastic in place between the ceiling and the floor without causing damage to either. There is no need for tape, staples, or nails and it works with angle ceilings. The Zipwall® kits contain everything you need for a quick installation to partition a grow room into the sections for vegetative growth and flowering.


Product Highlights:


• Poles hold up to 80lbs each

• Won’t damage ceiling, floors, or walls,/p>

• Quick and Easy Installation

• Works with any type of light-weight plastic sheeting

Temporary Erosion Control Plastic


Temporary erosion control plastic helps manage soil borne plant pathogens like parasitic nematodes, diseases, fungi, insects and weeds are challenging for farmers and home gardeners alike. Soil solarization is a safe and effective alternative to fumigating your garden with harmful pesticides. Gardeners first prepare the soil by loosening it, to allow moisture to penetrate. The moisture makes the organisms sensitive to heat. To help maintain moisture levels the gardener may do pre-tarping irrigation, but they could also use an irrigation line under the tarp, or flood-irrigation in adjacent furrows. After preparing the soil and deciding on a moisture method, two thin layers of plastic sheeting is applied to the soil, with the edges being buried 5-6 inches deep to prevent it from being blown away. This erosion control plastic sheeting is left on the soil for 2-4 weeks, preferably during the summer months, since the sun is hotter and stays out longer. This method is often used by commercial growers in California’s strawberry farms.


Americover’s 4 mil & 6 mil CA Plastic also known as Construction and Agricultural grade plastic sheeting is a multi-purpose, waterproof polyethylene film. CA plastic is translucent white, waterproof, and great for applications like construction dust control, soil solarization, weed control and water conservation. This is a very flexible film, but it is also durable due to the thickness of the film.


Product Highlights


• Waterproof film

• Translucent in color for light transfer

• Offered in 4 mil 20’ x 100’

• Offered in 6 mil 12’ x 100 and 20’ x 100’