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Interior Dust Containment

DUST! It’s a nightmare during a remodel or renovation. Dust gets everywhere that's anywhere and can cause respiratory illnesses, damage to electronics and furniture and it makes cleanup quite difficult. Dust containment and surface protection are important factors in saving time and money on clean-up and minimizing property damage during construction projects.

How Do You Set Up a Dust Containment System?

A simple dust containment system consists of sealing off the project area from other areas using a dust barrier and surface protection for the floors, furniture, appliances and other items you don't want damaged. There are different options available depending on what type of protection is needed.

The Zipwall® Barrier System is designed to temporarily contain dust using a pole system designed by contractors. The Zipwall® dust containment kit is completely reusable. The Zip poles are lightweight and spring loaded to extend from 5ft to 12ft. Swivel heads make it possible to use Zipwall® with any angle ceiling. Fasten plastic sheeting between the plates on the head and push the pole into place between the ceiling and floor. Zipwall® is quick and easy to install, it saves you with set up and clean up. A carry bag is included with the 4 pack plus kit. Watch the video below to see how to set up the Zipwall® barrier system for dust containment.

What type of plastic sheeting can be used with the Zipwall® Barrier System?

The Zipwall dust containment system works well with most light-weight plastic sheeting. We offer a variety of dust containment plastic because we understand the needs may vary depending on the job. Most schools, hospitals and other public places require fire retardant plastic sheeting that meet building codes. Hospitals also require an anti-static film if you are going to be working in an area with electronic equipment. In a home fire retardant may not be as much of a requirement as it is a preference in which case you can use an economical plastic sheeting. In other cases like retail stores and offices, even hospitals you may not want the final remodel revealed until it's complete so a black plastic sheeting will provide the privacy desired for the job-site.



• Printed with “Anti-Static/Fire Retardant Passes NFPA 701-2015 Test 1”

• 6 mil polyethylene sheeting

• Dust and Debris won’t stick to poly

• Waterproof

• Can be used in hospitals and schools, retail, office and home


6 mil Bright White

• No Print on Bright White

• 6 mil polyethylene sheeting

• Fire Retardant Passes NFPA 701

• Waterproof

• Can be used in hospitals and schools, retail, office and home


CA Plastic

• No Print on Semi-Clear

• 4 & 6 mil polyethylene sheeting

• Lightweight, no fire retardant

• Waterproof

• Can be used in retail, office and home


Black FR

• No Print on Black

• 4 & 8 mil polyethylene sheeting

• Fire Retardant Passes NFPA 701 and California Title 19

• Waterproof

• Can be used in hospitals, schools, retail, office and home

What Can I Use To Cover Walls, Floors, and Furniture During a Remodel?

Rapid Wall Cover replaces the traditional tape and poly dust containment system. The tape is already attached to the plastic sheeting which saves you time. It’s easy to install, you simply unroll the plastic and put the tape into place, then unfold the plastic sheeting. This provides lightweight protection to furniture, walls, picture frames, doorways, cabinetry, and much more. Watch the video to see how it works.

What Can I Use to Protect Floors and Carpets during a Remodel?

Flooring and carpeting is expensive, and if you aren't using something to protect these surfaces you can find some pretty nasty stains and scratches after clean-up. You can prevent damage by covering the floor of the room you plan to do construction on, as well as any rooms you will be walking through with your tools and materials because dust, paint and chemical contaminants travel on footwear even with a good containment system set up. We offer reliable temporary surface protection for your floors and carpet.


Carpet Cover™

Carpet Cover is a self-adhesive film perfect solution for temporarily protecting your carpets during a remodel because it is durable, puncture and tear resistant as well as self-adhesive. Carpet Cover™ has a water based adhesive system that won't discolor or dye the carpets. It is perfect for protecting your carpets from high traffic stains, traveling paint, dust and dirt. We offer our original heavy duty Carpet Cover™ for Contractors, and recently released a budget conscience version of ABC Carpet Cover.


Sticky Mats™

Sticky Mats™ are commonly referred to as clean room mats or tacky mats because they are typically used in hospitals and clean rooms. Sticky Mats™ are self-adhesive sheets designed to help remove dirt and other contaminants from your shoes before entering or exiting a job-site. There are 30 sheets to a pad, so when one sheet gets soiled, simply peel away the top to reveal a clean sheet. These are a great way to keep dirt and dust right where you want it. We carry blue and clear, with the option for a company logo or slogan.



UltraCover sticks to smooth surfaces without any adhesive. It's a high strength polyethylene film that can be applied to a variety of surfaces providing protection for an unlimited amount of time. Ultra Cover can be used to protect multiple surfaces such as hardwood floors, counter tops, interior glass/mirrors not exposed to sun, furniture, stairs, linoleum and tile flooring, and even commercial grade carpeting.


Multi-Surface Cover

Multi Surface Cover is a durable, self-adhesive film designed to temporarily protect hard surfaces such as counter tops, cabinets, tubs, sinks, floors and appliances to prevent scratches, stains, and to make cleaning up much easier. Multi Surface Cover is available with a normal wind or reverse wind and can be applied for up to 45 days.

Heavy Duty Dust Containment Systems

String Reinforced polyethylene sheeting is the solution for heavy duty dust containment. This plastic sheeting is actually layers of polyethylene with scrim reinforcement sandwiched between them to make a durable, light-weight dust barrier. Our string reinforced poly sheeting is offered with a variety of added benefits such as fire retardant, uv additives, mil thicknesses that range from 6-20, and much more. The scrim reinforcement prevents the poly sheeting from ripping or tearing if punctured, which makes it easy to repair and last longer. UV additives keep the material from fast deterioration when exposed to weather elements. Scrim reinforced polyethylene sheeting is used for many different types of containment systems because it is waterproof, fda compliant, and organic certifiable. Common enclosures include crawlspace encapsulation, construction enclosures, interior containment systems, temporary wall systems, as well as secondary containment systems. Americover's heavy duty plastic sheeting can be hung with staples, nails, clips, and if you are working with a 6 mil thickness it can be hung with tape or the Zipwall™ kit system.

Zippers, Tape, & Applicators

There are accessories to make dust containment setup much easier, especially if you are working with a large area.

Self-Adhesive Zippers create walkways to enter and exit the containment without damaging the plastic sheeting or compromising the structure of your dust containment set up. Zippers are easy to install and it only takes a few minutes.

To use zippers 1) Remove release liner as you go. Peel off a little bit. 2) Stick it to the plastic. 3) Unzip the Zipper. 4) Use a razor blade or knife to cut the plastic down the center of the zipper. 5)Press each side to ensure the zipper is securely adhered to the plastic. 6) Zip Down to Close, Zip Up to Open.