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Roof Vapor Retarders

The proper installation of a vapor barrier in the roofing system safeguards against vapor migration and prevents vapor flow upward into the insulation. Americover offers roofing vapor retarders/barriers that can withstand extreme temperatures, and are highly puncture and tear resistant. Many of the vapor retarders and vapor barriers can be customized to reduce in-field seams or manufactured with fire retardant to meet building codes.




Griffolyn® Vapor Retarders


Vapor Barrier 10 & 15

Griffolyn Type-55

Griffolyn Type-65

Griffolyn Type-85

Griffolyn Type-105

Griffolyn Type-90FR

Griffolyn TX-1200FR

VaporBlock® 6

VaporBlock® 10

VaporBlock® 15

VaporBlock® 15 Low Perm

VaporBlock® G

VaporBlock® Plus 20

10 Mil Vapor Barrier

15 Mil Vapor Barrier

Roofing Tapes

A continuous under slab vapor barrier is the most effective against moisture control, but in most cases the material has to be cut to size, so using the appropriate tape to overlap seams and seal holes is very important. Americover supplies 2 Sided Butyl Tape as well as Vapor Tape for these applications.

Butyl Tape

35mil thick double sided black rubber tape used to adhere overlapping panels of vapor barriers or vapor retarders together.

Vapor Tape

Heavy Duty, weather resistant, white sealing tape with a acrylic adhesive used for seaming large panels of vapor retarder.

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