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Custom Logo Programs

A Great Way to Advertise Your Company!



Sticky Mats

• Case of 4 pads of 30 sheets/pad

• Contaminated sheets peel off easily to expose a fresh mat

• Sheets are numbered to show how many remain on the mat

• 9" x 24" Logo can be 1-4 colors (please note red ink is an additional fee if the logo is more than 20% red)

• Clear Film Only

• Mats are 24" x 36" with custom sizing available

• Layout in portrait or landscape orientation

• Case minimums start at 15 per order

• 80 Cases - Free Shipping



Countertop Cover

• Designed for use on granite, laminate, Corian®, marble, and laboratory countertops.

• Countertop Cover application can protect surfaces for up to 150 days.

• Logo Countertop Cover plastic sheeting is available in Clear or blue film.

• No Additional charge for a logo sized up to 4" x 12" printed under the slogan "Covered Because We Care".

• Additional Plate Charge for a Logo sized up to 10" x 18" without the slogan.

• Sizes available in widths of 24", 30" and 36" by 500ft length.

• Customer may be required to purchase over-runs if production run experiences ±5% over quantity ordered.

• Minimums required

• Black Print Only



Scrim Reinforced Poly Sheeting

• Reinforced, waterproof and meets or exceeds ASTM E1745 Class C Standard

• Added UV inhibitors give an expected longevity in fully exposed conditions at least 12 months.

• Logo can be up to 4 colors, but additional fees apply to custom blended colors

• Logo size up to 3ft x 6ft, average size is 18" x 32"

• OTO Plate Charge

• Service charge for clean up and set up added to Refill Orders

• Logo is printed in the middle of 4ft wide panels, each panel is 50 inches and fused together with an overlap of 2 inches.

• Logo can be printed on mil thicknesses ranging from 6 mil to 20 mil.

Artwork must be submitted in a Vector/.EPS file format