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Surface Protection

Americover offers the best temporary surface protection films. We have a solution to protect your investments from the remodeling dust and dirt that spreads so quickly and easily throughout your home during renovation projects. Our self-adhesive plastic sheeting film is made with a water-based adhesive system that will not discolor or dye the surface and will remove without adhesive transfer.

UltraCover 3 mil, 6 mil, & 10mil

Available in standard frosted clear or fire retardant blue

Ultra Cover adheres without adhesive or static cling for an unlimited amount of time. It can be used in a horizontal or vertical application so it is ideal for almost any type of smooth surface including countertops, cabinetry, interior glass/mirrors (not exposed to sun), smooth concrete, and all flooring types including hardwood. Also great for protecting furniture, or other household items when moving.


Multi Surface Cover

Multi Surface Cover is a self-adhesive film that provides up to 45 days of protection for smooth surfaces in residential and commercial interior applications. Prevent scratches, paint stains, and debris or dust build-up on counter tops, floors, cabinets and mirrors or windows not exposed to sun. Multi Surface Cover can be installed on surfaces such as granite, laminate, Corian®, marble, factory finished hardwood, tile, linoleum and laminates to make clean up quick and easy.


Rapid Wall Cover

Rapid Wall Cover quickly provides light-duty protection on walls, cabinets, furniture and other surfaces to protect them from dust, debris and paint. This is a non-adhesive film, with a 2" tape strip attached to make it fast and easy to hang. This is also available in smaller sizes for smaller jobs.


Logo Counter Top Cover

Logo Counter Top Cover is a self-adhesive plastic sheeting with your Logo of choice, designed to protect granite, laminate, Corian®, marble and laboratory counter tops during remodels, installs, production and shipment for up to 150 days. Easily prevent scratches, paint over spray and dust/debris from damaging the surface while advertising your brand.


Carpet Cover

Available in standard and fire retardant

Carpet Cover is a self-adhesive plastic sheeting designed to protect carpets and rugs from dirt dust, paint and debris for up to 45 days. Carpet Cover is puncture and tear-resistant and will not leave an adhesive transfer upon removing.


Sticky Mats™

Available with a custom logo

Sticky Mats™ also known as clean room mats or tacky mats keep the job site clean by taking dust and dirt off before they become a problem. Sticky Mats™ are convenient to use because when one gets too dirty, simply peel away to a clean sheet (30 sheets per pad). This product is made from a durable 2 mil polyethylene film, and each sheet has a non-transferring adhesive that will remove dirt, dust, grit and contaminates from footwear.



ZipWall® is a unique dust control system that can save you hundreds of hours on all kinds of remodeling jobs. Perfect for carpentry, floor finishing, wall and ceilings, painting, sheetrock work, asbestos and lead paint abatement, demolition…whenever dust protection is needed. Swivel head allows use with any angle ceiling, Superior dust control with no need for ladders or tape and no damage to walls or ceilings! Lightweight poles hold up to 80 lb each.