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Liners and Vapor Retarders by Griffolyn

Griffolyn® vapor retarders (also referred to as vapor barriers) are heavy duty, high strength and high performance but lightweight and easy to deploy. The many special features such as UV stabilization and chemical resistance make these products cost effective and a durable solution to prolong the service life of your investments. Griffolyn® reinforced vapor retarders/barriers are available in white, black, and clear, but custom colors are available upon request. Custom sizes and shapes are available as well to ensure your exact requirements are met.

Use Griffolyn® liners and vapor retarders for Agriculture Covers, Antimicrobial Covers, Athletic Field Covers, Contaminated Equipment Covers, Equipment Covers, Fire Retardant Covers, Fumigation, Heat Shrinkable Covers, Landfill Interim Covers, Outdoor Storage Covers, Pallet Covers, Shipping Covers, Dust and Environmental Partitions, and many more applications.

Product Highlights:

• Weather and Corrosion Protection

• Anti-Static

• Chemically Resistant

• Lightweight

• Fire Retardant

• Heat Shrinkable

• Low Permeability

• UV Stabilized

• Puncture Resistant

• Long Outdoor Life

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Product NameManufacturer Part#Data Sheet
Griffolyn Type-55T55Spec
Griffloyn Type-65T65Spec
Griffolyn Type-65GT65GSpec
Griffolyn Type-85T85Spec
Griffolyn Type-90T90Spec
Griffolyn Type-90T90VCISpec
Griffolyn Type-105T105Spec
Griffolyn TX-1200TX1200Spec
Griffolyn TX-1600TX1600Spec
Griffolyn TX-1600 AntimicrobialTX1600Spec
Griffoyln TX-1600 GTX1600GSpec
Griffolyn 20 mil ReinforcedSpec
Griffloyn 10 mil Spec
Griffloyn 15 mil Spec
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