Red Shade Cloth

Red Shade Cloth

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Red Shade cloth is customized to your application requirements. It is available in densities of 20% – 70% for increased foliage volume and hail protection.  It is excellent for house plants, decorative branches, non-flowering herbs, and a variety of field and nursery plants.

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Red Shade Cloth consists of monofilament high-density polyethylene threads knitted together to change the light spectrum transmitted to the plants.  It reduces the spectrum of blue, green and yellow light while increasing the red and far-red light spectrum.  This shade of lighting increases the rhythm of plants’ development expanding the leaf surface and elongating their stems so total foliage volume is higher.   This netting material is great for house plants, decorative branches, non-flowering herbs, and a variety of field and nursery plants.  Red Shade Cloth is UV resistant to last up to 5 years to accelerate abundant growth in herbs, leafy vegetables, nursery crops and more.

Red Shade Cloth is available in densities of 20% – 70%.  Custom fabrication capabilities include brass grommets, seaming to make wider panels, slitting to make smaller panels, and taping on the perimeter. Call for pricing and sizing.