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Shade Cloth by Americover®

High density polyethylene Shade cloth is ideal for a wide range of crops that provides uniform shade and air control for greenhouses and nurseries, as well as protection from birds. All of our knit shade cloth is engineered to be resistant to agrochemicals, extending the overall life of the product. Available in several colors, and 30-90% densities. Sizes go up to 32' wide. UV resistance has an 8 year life expectancy. Resists most horticultural chemicals, sprays, and detergents. Shade levels remain constant throughout the product's life.


Shade cloths provide better ventilation, and are permeable to water - which may help reduce wind speed and heat build-up in structure. This material is lightweight and easy to install - can be cut on site and will not ravel. The tough lockstitch knit construction resists rips, tears, and fraying.


Available Colors:


•Black (30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90% densities)

•Blue (30, 50, 60% densities)

•Red (30, 40, 70% densities)

•Pearl/White (40, 50% densities)

•Decorative Brown (70% density)

•Decorative Green (70% density)


Top Applications:


•Greenhouses - vegetables, ornamentals

•Privacy covers

•Fruit trees

•Cattle sheds

•Poultry runs

•Permanent and mobile shade structures

•Shade sails


•Swimming pools

•Garden balconies

•Truck tarps


Customization is available! Custom options include:


•Brass grommets

•Sewn seams

•Taped perimeters

•Slit seams (to make smaller panels)

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