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10 mil Vapor Barrier Crawl space Liner by Americover®

Vapor Barrier 10 Mil is a high performance polyethylene membrane specifically designed to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs-on-grade. Americover's Vapor Barrier has an extremely low permeability, and compares favorably, or exceeds, the permeability of other vapor barriers and vapor retarders like Stego, Vapor Block and Perminator. Vapor Barrier displays excellent puncture resistance, high tensile strength and superior impact strength. Using Vapor Barrier 10 Mil as a moisture barrier protects flooring and other moisture sensitive furnishings from moisture migration and help you save money.

Vapor Barrier 10 Mil comes in a 14' x 210' roll /strong>

Top Features:

• Passes ASTM E-1745 Class A, B, C Standards. (Plastic water vapor retarders used in contact with soil or granular fill under concrete slabs).

• Reduces mold and condensation.

• Resistant to decay so it will protect against moisture migration over decades.

Common Applications:

• Under-Slab Vapor Retarder

• Radon Retarder

• Crawl Spaces

• Foundation Wall Vapor Retarder

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