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At Americover, your project is our priority—whatever your need or passion may be. From haunted house champion in October to slip’n’slide master in July, you can count on our multipurpose plastic and polyethylene solutions to keep the party going year-round.

Whether you’re planning an event, building a greenhouse or tackling a full home renovation, Americover has been known to transform even the most novice craftsmen into DIY pros. Shop our inventory of easy-to-use products to get started on your next venture.

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Why Americover?

For more than 25 years, Americover has supported growers, builders and jacks of all trades with our top-quality products and innovative solutions. We have the widest variety of specialty plastic sheeting on the market, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. All of public event fire retardant materials consistently meet or exceed fire safety requirements and all of our building materials meet or exceed industry standards.

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Your single source for all things plastic and polyethylene is a distinction we take quite literally, as our most creative DIY-ers can attest. Shop our application-specific product categories to find the tools you need to execute your next prize-winning project—tomato patch, dog show or whatever it may be.

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Looking for inspiration? We can help with that, too. View our Pinterest boards for tips, tricks and ideas to jumpstart your next project.

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  • Heat shrink wrap can provide you the options and protection you need for any type of cargo you need to transport in any type of weather.

  • Halloween is the perfect time for spooky entertainment and getting to know your neighbors. Find out how building a haunted house can bring communities together.

  • Americover continues to be the top supplier of mud pit liners, obstacle liners, and mud run plastic sheeting to Mud Run challenges like Savage Race.

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