fire retardant film

14 mil Fire Retardant Film

Thank you Buddy for submitting these awesome photos of our TS14FR material in action, protecting new glass walls being installed in this hospital project. These are some amazing captures and we appreciate you taking the time to send them in!


14 mil


TS14FR is a 14 mil extrusion laminated, reinforced, fire retardant film. This film passes the NFPA 701 Test 2 (Large Scale) – “Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films”. It also has added UV inhibitors that extend the longevity in outdoor weather conditions to at least 12 months. TS14FR has many applications especially those requiring fire retardant film. Some of the most common applications include architectural vapor retarder in walls, ceilings and in roofing systems, as well as temporary enclosures and walls.

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