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Light deprivation greenhouse growing

5 Benefits of Light Deprivation Greenhouse Growing

Light deprivation greenhouse growing techniques are ideal for those looking to harvest high-quality crops. A light-deprivation system allows growers to control exactly how much light is exposed, thus reaping many benefits for their crops. Here are the main benefits derived from a good light deprivation system.

1. Natural Sunlight

Sunlight provides the energy that plants need to thrive, and natural sunlight is the best option for your crops. Natural sunlight provides light across a full spectrum of colors. Using a light deprivation technique, you can optimize the natural sunlight of outdoor growing and ensure your plants absorb the light that benefits them the most. 

2. Growing Versatility

One of the biggest benefits of light deprivation is the versatility to provide the right light to a multitude of plants and crops in one single environment. If a mature plant needs a specific amount of sunlight to sustain its high-quality appearance, growers have the ability to provide that. In that same environment, if flowering plants need a little more attention to prevent any illness, growers can slow down production by providing less light to nurture those crops. 

3. Increased Harvests 

Light deprivation greenhouse growing gives growers nearly complete control of the growth and health of their crops. This technique gives you control of the “seasons” your plants are exposed to. 

4. Year-Round Growing

In traditional outdoor growing techniques, there are many weather condition limitations. As a result, your plants may only thrive in certain seasons. Light deprivation techniques give you the ability to grow year-round regardless of the weather outside. You can do this by applying artificial light when natural light runs out and keep your crops growing even in the dead of winter. As a result, harvests are more plentiful, more frequent, and yield continuous income for your business. 

5. Eco-Friendly

One of the top benefits growers love about using this system is the ability to produce premium organic crops in the most eco-friendly way. Instead of depending on artificial lighting, light deprivation greenhouses can help you easily achieve high-quality crops naturally. Using roll-up sidewalls and ceiling vents, you control the light needed to achieve the most ideal growth for your plants. This technique also leaves no negative impact on the environment and helps positively support earth and nature.

Light deprivation greenhouse growing is an ideal technique for growers both large and small. Not only can it cut down your cost, but it truly puts all the control back into the hands of growers and results in bigger profits and a better business.  

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