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High Density Polyethylene Liners

50+ Different Applications for HDPE Liners

When it comes to high density polyethylene liners, there are many applications for tons of different projects. HDPE liners can be used to line just about anything, from ponds to landfills, and storage containers.  For decades, HDPE liners have been reliable and flexible for industries like construction, agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and more.

HDPE Liners: What Is It?

High-density polyethylene liners are very popular due to their relatively low, raw material cost, as well as their extremely durable nature. HDPE liners have many benefits that make it an outstanding option for such a wide variety of applications.  Some of the benefits include: 

  • Resistance to many different solvents due to its dense configuration.
  • Carbon black increases UV stabilization for long-term outdoor use, therefore it doesn’t require extra cover to preserve the integrity of the liner.
  • When covered, HDPE liners have a 50-year lifespan. 
  • HDPE liners can be welded on site or prefabricated to specific sizes
  • It’s waterproof and fish safe.
  • HDPE performs well in both hot and cold extreme temperatures

HDPE Liners: Projects

High density polyethylene liners provide a wide array of uses for many different projects. Due to its extreme durability as well as its structure, the HDPE liner is a top product from Americover.  Here are 50+ different applications that HDPE liners can be used in.  

  1. Potable water containment
  2. Aquaculture liner for raising fish and shrimp
  3. Hydroponics bed liner to prevent nutrient and water loss
  4. Haystack covers
  5. Tank and cistern liners for water, or fuel
  6. Primary and secondary containment
  7. Protecting livestock from sun and incremental weather
  8. Livestock fencing to protect deer and elk from getting stuck
  9. Protecting farm equipment
  10. Keeping aggregate and/or grain dry
  11. Algae ponds
  12. Silt curtains in mining operations
  13. Brine ponds
  14. Containment booms for many purposes
  15. Within cofferdams for seepage controls
  16. Temporary cofferdams
  17. Waterproof facing for dams
  18. Golf course ponds
  19. Lake liner
  20. Lagoon liner
  21. Preformed ponds
  22. Retention ponds
  23. Evaporation ponds for salt recovery
  24. Recreational ponds
  25. Waterscape ponds
  26. Architectural ponds
  27. Koi ponds
  28. Oil field containment
  29. Mining containment
  30. Drilling site pad liners
  31. Heap leach pads for fracturing
  32. Storage and removal of radioactive/hazardous waste and wastewater.
  33. Secondary containment for above and below ground storage tanks
  34. Secondary containment of hazardous liquids in transport
  35. Disposal of mill tailings from mining operations
  36. Geomembrane baffle curtains
  37. Lining pipelines
  38. Irrigation ponds
  39. Canal Liners to prevent water seepage
  40. Stormwater rentention
  41. Stormwater detention dry pond as a means of controlling flooding
  42. Geomembrane for roads and highways
  43. Hazardous waste clean up liner
  44. Enclosure to reinforce storage systems
  45. Animal waste containment
  46. Aerobic and anaerobic manure digesters
  47. Floating covers for pollution prevention
  48. Floating covers for biogas collection
  49. Salt disposal pits
  50. Oil and gas fracturing pits
  51. Fire retention ponds
  52. Lining primary, secondary and tertiary solid-waste landfills
  53. Alternative daily coverings instead of daily soil covering
  54. Diverting rain/snow water from pits
  55. Lining primary, secondary and tertiary solid-waste landfills
  56. Alternative daily coverings instead of daily soil covering
  57. Diverting rain/snow water from pits
  58. Vapor barrier
  59. Underlayment water shedding liner for sport fields
  60. Bioswales
  61. Root Barrier

If you don’t see your application listed, but you are wondering if HDPE Liners are a solution for your project.  Give one of our experts a call.  

HDPE Liners: Custom Fabrication with Americover

Americover proudly supplies high-density polyethylene liners manufactured and fabricated in the U.S.  with no minimum on stock or fabricated rolls.   Not sure whether you need a prefabricated liner?  Check out the many benefits of using prefabricated pond liners.  Americover offers HDPE liners in various thicknesses from 30 mil to 100 mil in addition to other heavy duty liners.  

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