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Denver’s Premier Cannabis Tradeshow

Representatives from Americover attended the Indo Expo in Denver, Colorado, on Jan. 27 to explore new and emerging trends in the cannabis cultivation industry. What used to be a local tradeshow has grown to include industry reps from across the country.

Here’s a recap of this year’s Expo and highlights from interacting with various industry experts.

Indo Expo 2018

At approximately 10:00 a.m., the line to enter the tradeshow rounded the building and parking was scarce. More than 5,000 people packed the Denver Mart for the Expo’s fifth annual showing in Denver.

While a bit disheveled at the entrance, once inside the energy quickly shifted to excitement—vendors were eager to discuss everything from plant fertilizer and hemp beauty products to advanced lighting systems and slick designs for dry-herb vaporizers, pens, and more.

Highlights from the Indo Expo 2018 included:

  • Brighterside Vertical Farms—Headquartered in Steamboat Springs, CO, the demonstration was impressive, towering over nearly everything inside the event space. High-density vertical farming is an impressive way to maximize space for any grow. Plus, these off-grid, relocatable structures come with all the bells and whistles (HVAC, plumbing, you name it).
  • Botanicare offered another impressive, space-saving solution. The company’s demonstration included a Slide Bench of modular design with reinforced roller connections, so growers can easily manipulate isle space and grow more plants. The durable trays are also high enough off the ground that growers don’t need to bend over.
  • On the irrigation front, Dosatron made an impressive showing. Dosatron fertilizer injectors work like a syringe, drawing in nutrient concentrates which are then mixed with incoming water and injected into the main water line. Several mechanical injectors were showcased as well as larger, portable injectors.
  • Fullbloom was one of only a handful of vendors showcasing the benefits of light deprivation. This out-of-the-box or fully custom greenhouse company is a low-cost alternative to growing indoors or in a permanent greenhouse structure. They also offer a full line of accessories including premium greenhouse coverings and heating/cooling systems.
  • Eyechronic was a total surprise: the premiere digital cannabis network. This ad-based TV network is a clip reel of curated cannabis-focused content playing in dispensaries around the country. Displays also feature interactive incentives that encourage customer engagement on mobile devices and across media channels.
  • Archive Seed Bank was clearly the most popular vendor at this year’s event. The line stretched dozens of people, as attendees tried to get at the company’s award-winning seed collection.

With swag bags in tow, Americover left the event having made new acquaintances and gaining useful insight into Colorado’s unique cultivation market. With tradeshows cropping up every year, the Indo Expo is just one event Americover hopes to research in the near future.

Were you at the Denver Indo Expo 2018? Tell us what you think! What were your event highlights?