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EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule

EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule Violations

In a recent press release by the EPA, a company was randomly inspected and as a result of the inspections agreed to pay a penalty fee of $14,024.00 for violating the RRP Rule during the renovation of an apartment building built in the 1920s.

The RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) rule requires dwellings built prior to 1978 and child-occupied facilities to be in compliance with lead-safe work practices. The company mentioned failed to “failed to provide the Renovate Right pamphlet to the owner; failed to post signs that clearly define the work area; failed to close all doors and windows within the work area; failed to contain waste from renovation activities and to prevent the release of dust and debris before the waste is removed from the work area for storage or disposal and/or failure to cover a chute if it is used to remove waste from the work area; and failed to cover the floor surface with taped-down plastic sheeting or other impermeable material in the work area six feet beyond the perimeter of surfaces undergoing renovation or sufficient distance to contain dust.”

The consequences of breaking such rules could prove devastating on behalf of the rule breaker and those affected by the malpractice. If you are at risk of being in compliance it could cost you big bucks. Let Americover help you get in compliance with the EPA for your renovation projects. We offer a variety of plastic sheeting that meets the building codes and lead-safe work practices. Call us at 833.261.6501 to speak with a representative today. You never know when you will be inspected by the EPA. To read the press release click here.