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5 Benefits of Dura Skrim Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

5 Benefits of Dura Skrim Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

Dura Skrim poly sheeting is an adaptable product used in many indoor and outdoor applications. Due to its strength and versatility, it is preferred in many architectural specifications for building envelopes, environmental geomembranes, and aquaponics projects. So, what makes Dura Skrim the go-to product for the construction industry? Here are the top five benefits of String Reinforced Dura Skrim poly sheeting.

Virgin Resin Makes It Durable

Plastic sheeting is made by melting down small plastic pellets, commonly referred to as resin, until it is pliable enough to go through the extrusion process. In some cases, the resin used to create sheeting is a mixture of recycled plastic, or regrind. Regrind resin is not recommended as it produces weaker plastic sheeting. The process of heat and pressure weakens the molecular structure and causes the sheeting to deteriorate faster.

Since Dura Skrim is manufactured with virgin resin, it is more durable on a molecular level. Not only does virgin resin plastic last longer, but it can also be used for food-grade packaging and aquaculture applications. Read more about virgin vs regrind resin here.

Scrim Makes Poly Impervious to Ripping and Tearing

When you’re in the middle of a construction project, the last thing you want to worry about is an accidental hole in your poly sheeting. Unlike regular plastic sheeting, Dura Skrim has a heavy-duty, uniform, scrim reinforcement placed between the layers of film to enhance tear resistance.

Not only does the design of Dura Skrim resist tears, but it also keeps them from getting worse. The signature diamond pattern resists puncturing and responds to tears by surrounding the damaged area to stop it from ripping. This rip-stop feature keeps your project on track by preventing extensive damage to your sheeting while making repairs easy.

Multiple Mil Thicknesses Provide More Options

Plastic sheeting thickness is often measured in mils. One mil equals one-thousandth of an inch, or 0.001 inch. The most common size thickness of plastic sheeting for construction projects is 6 mil. The thicker the plastic, the more durable it is. Depending on the project, a thicker plastic sheeting may be necessary while in other applications, thinner material is more suitable. Determining which mil thickness is best for your project depends upon several factors such as environment, climate, and how you plan to use it. Dura Skrim is available in 6 mil to 20 mil thicknesses to cover your specific needs.

Fire-Retardant Plastic Sheeting Improves Safety

For some construction projects, building codes may require you to use fire-retardant materials when working inside structures. These materials are especially important where there are public safety concerns. Flame-retardant plastic sheeting will keep you up to code and improve the safety of your project. The poly is specially formulated to create plastic sheeting that inhibits, suppresses, or delays combustion. ASTM, formerly known as American Society of Testing and Materials, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) set standards and building codes to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and related hazards. Both of these associations have tested and certified fire-retardant Dura Skrim for use in construction, remodeling, and public events.

Its Superior Service Life Can’t be Beat

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation and sunlight can wreak havoc on your project. UV rays can lead to a degradation of the material, causing the plastic to weaken and become brittle. Dura Skrim has UV inhibitors – and in some cases carbon black – which prevent degradation. These additives extend the service life of the product when fully exposed to direct sunlight by either absorbing or blocking damaging UV rays. Keep in mind that the overall expected longevity of any plastic depends on various environmental factors, mil thickness, and color. Due to its high-quality manufacturing, Dura Skrim is engineered to last longer than most plastic sheeting materials.

Get the Right Sheeting for the Job

There are many more benefits to using Dura Skrim reinforced plastic sheeting than the five we listed above, but don’t just take our word for it. Request a free sample pack today using the form below!

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