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Build a Dust Containment for Renovations

Americover is your one stop shop for dust containment. During renovation dust becomes airborne and easily spreads throughout the property. This is not only hazardous to your respiratory health, but it is also a hassle to clean. Below are some recommended products and steps to effectively contain renovation dust.

Step 1.  Isolate the work area.


Renovation-ASFR6ASFR6 is a 6 mil, fire retardant, anti-static poly sheeting.  It is printed with Anti-Static/Fire Retardant, and passes NFPA 701-99 Test 1.  Available in 12 foot by 100 foot and 20 foot by 100 foot.  This specialty product makes clean up easier, because the anti-static agent prevents the dust from sticking to it as it would to a regular poly. 

Zipwall System

Renovation-Zipwall-SystemOur Zipwall system makes it easy to set up and take down plastic sheeting from the walls and ceilings without stapling or taping. A homeowner can now do self renovations using our Zipwall Spring Loaded Poles.  This 2 pack pole kit allows you to hang the plastic from the ceiling to the floor and create a tight seal between spaces.   

Heavy Duty Zipper

Renovation-ZipperUsing our Heavy Duty Zipper you can create entrance to the work area.  Adhere the zipper directly on to the plastic, and use the cutter included in the package to cut an opening.  Now you can enter and exit the work space without risk of damaging the containment system.  Add an exhaust fan in a a window in the work area facing outward to pull the air outside. 

Sticky Mat

Renovation-Sticky-MatSet our Sticky Mats outside the entrance of the work area to prevent dirt from traveling out when you exit.  The adhesive will remove dirt, dust, grit, and contaminates from footwear.  When it gets too dirty, just peel away to a clean sheet.  (30 sheets per pad).  The contractor can add their logo to the mats to attract potential customers. 

Step 2.  Protect the flooring

                             Carpet Cover

Renovation-Carpet-CoverPrevent the dust from settling in the carpet with our Carpet Cover.  This water-based, self adhesive, specialty film is puncture and tear resistant.  Accidents happen, and the back and forth traffic can cause regular poly to shift and move, but carpet cover is designed to stick with out leaving a residue and make clean up as easy as rolling the film away.   For commercial jobs, we have an applicator making it quick and easy to cover larger areas.

Floor Cover 45

Renovation-Floor-CoverIf you are renovating a space that has tile, stone, linoleum, laminates, or factory finished hardwood, our Floor Cover 45 provides an excellent level of impact and scratch protection.  It won’t leave a transfer and installs and removes quickly and easily.  This will not discolor or dye factory finished floors.

Step 3.  Protect the Hvac system (Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning)

                            Mintie Shield System

Renovation-Mintie-Vent-ShieldThe Mintie Shield System is designed by a contractor with the contractor in mind.  The starter kit comes with an extendable pole for ceiling vents, 10 disposable vent shields, a sample of tape and an applicator head.  This specialty product is perfect for criticals.  For a smaller residential renovation you can securely tape a sheet of plastic or foil with removable tape to the vents to prevent dust from getting in the ducts.  The result of skipping this step could cause long-term air-quality issues.

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