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Conversion Calculators and Charts

Square Foot Calculator (Calculations based on Feet)

Getting the square footage of a room is the first step to figuring out how much material you will need.  Use the calculator below to multiply the width and length to figure your square footage.

Measuring twice will give you a more accurate estimate.

Don’t forget to increase your calculation by about 10% to ensure you have enough material.

Working with a complex design?  Split the area into simple shapes like squares or rectangles and proceed from there.


***TIP:  If you choose to convert your measurements into inches, you will need to multiply the width and length, but also then divide the sum by 144 to get the square footage.


Millimeters to Meters Calculator

Enter millimeters or meters for conversion:

Select conversion type:               

 Rounding options:                       


Feet to Meters or Meters to Feet

Enter feet or m for conversion:                   

Select type of conversion:                          

Rounding options:                                    


Square Meters to Feet

square meters square feet