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Crawl space encapsulation as a pest control solution

Crawl Space Encapsulation as a Pest Control Solution

Most pests are drawn to dark, damp areas that are often undisturbed. It’s unlikely that you are spending a lot of time in your crawl space, especially if you aren’t using it for something like storage or as a root cellar. The crawl space is the area between the ground and a raised foundation. If you don’t have to walk up a step or two to get to the front door, chances are you have a slab foundation.

The crawl space area is typically 3-6 feet tall and the entrance varies in location. It could be on the floor inside a closet or outside on the side of the house, but the one common factor is that the entry point is generally small. A raised foundation with a crawl space is convenient when you need to access plumbing or wiring, but because the soil beneath the house is typically uncovered it could also cause a lot of problems with not just pests and rodents, but with your foundation which eventually will lead to more serious problems in your home.

Encapsulating the crawl space is beneficial because it reduces ground moisture build-up and condensation levels. When moisture gets into the foundation it can cause a lot of damage over time like interior wall cracks, water damage to flooring and decayed wood frames. Proper installation of a vapor retarder in the crawl space is an effective pest control technique for preventing termites and rodent infestation. In addition to pest control, investing in a crawl space encapsulation can reduce mold growth, improve air quality and save money on heating and cooling.

Foundation Types

It is important to first address the current issues in and around your home before installing a crawl space encapsulation. Problems such as leaking pipes, standing water, pre-existing mold, wood frame repairs, foundation cracks, etc. Depending on the conditions of your crawl space, you may want to consider installing some additional features such as a drainage system with a sump pump, a dehumidifier or radon fan and evacuation system to further eliminate crawl space issues.

If you decide to encapsulate your crawl space please hire a crawl space inspector to locate and repair current issues before proceeding or contacting a professional to encapsulate your crawl space. If you have any questions regarding materials for encapsulating your crawlspace, please call one of our knowledgeable professionals at 760-388-6294.

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