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Jason Treiger

Crawlspace Encapsulation Q & A with Jason Treiger


Crawlspace Encapsulation

Top 5 questions asked by customers purchasing crawlspace liners.


Q: How do I know what thickness to use?
A: It depends on the floor in the crawlspace & if you are going to use it for storage.


Q: What tape do I use to seam the material together?
A: Vapor Bond Seam Tape.


Q: How do I attach the liner to the wall?
A: 2 sided butyl tape to seal the poly against the wall & Christmas tree fasteners every 30 inches to carry the weight of the poly.


Q: How long will the liner last in my crawlspace?
A: 10+ years. The material is only degraded by direct UV sunlight; so if it is installed no light will reach it. There is nothing on the ground to deteriorate the material.


Q: How long does it take for me to get the materials?
A: 7-10 days from when the order is placed.


Q: Do I need to seal the vents?
A: Yes, but only if you are doing a conditioned crawlspace. Many crawlspaces use conditioned air from the home to incorporate a dehumidifier to vent/dry the crawlspace.


Visit our Crawlspace Encapsulation Linecard for more helpful tips and how-to videos. Feel free to contact us directly at 1 (800) 747 6095 for more questions regarding this issue.