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Grommet Tarps

Custom Fabricated Grommet Tarps to Protect Glass Fins

This month we went down to Kaiser in San Diego to check out our #productinaction. We’d like to extend a big thanks to Chad at AGA for giving us a tour, we appreciate your time.

AGA Architectural Glass & Aluminum is a design-build curtain wall company comprised of architects, contractors engineers, fabricators and installers. For more than 44 years AGA has provided excellent service in preconstruction, design-engineering, building analysis, building information modeling, manufacturing and installation. You can view their project gallery here.

AGA is currently working on an amazing glass theme at the Kaiser hospital due to be completed later this year and needed our help to protect it. So we teamed up with their staff to custom fabricate a grommet tarp made of reinforced polyethylene sheeting with a felt-like geomembrane inside to protect the glass during the construction phase. As you can see with all the overhead construction taking place there is definitely a need to protect these delicate features being added. We are glad we were able to take part in this project!

The following photos are of the fabricated grommet tarp.
Fabricated grommet tarp


In order to protect these glass fins from damage they have been placed over the fin, and secured with a zip tie.

Secure FinIf you have an interesting project that needs custom fabrication, Americover is your source. We specialize in many different types of plastic fabrication. Custom Grommet Tarps are just an example of the capabilities we have, but we are up for the challenge if you need to design something specific. Give us a call at 833-261-6501 if you have questions, and please send us your photos of our product in action! We cater to such a variety of industries it’s always interesting to see how our product has been applied.