bart turnstile cover

Americover Partners with BART to Customize a Turnstile Cover

Bay Area Rapid Transit

BART or Bay Area Rapid Transit provides San Francisco Bay area and the East Bay with regional rail service. After you purchase a ticket you place your ticket into the turnstile and retrieve it on the other end. Usually California is rather sunny, but every once in a while we get rain, and since the turnstiles are electronic, it’s important for them to stay dry.


Customizing a Turnstile Cover

Americover was able to help BART with a customized solution to this problem. After exchanging information regarding what the requirements were we produced a custom sized poly bag with an elastic band, (similar to a shower cap) to fit the dimensions of the turnstile. These poly bags serve as a temporary protection to prevent water damage as well as to signal to passengers that the turnstile is out of order or not in use.

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