DIY Ice Rink Plastic Sheeting


Tips to building your own backyard ice rink.  Americover has provided Ice Rink Liners to the NHL, and many of your local ice rinks, so you know the liners are durable!  If you are planning to build your own ice rink in your backyard here are some tips we can offer.

  1.  Pick an area that is not rocky, or on a hill.  Flat ground is preferred for an ice rink.
  2. The area you choose should be shady, but not directly under hanging branches because this could cause a lot of debris to damage the surface of your ice rink.
  3. If you are using stakes install them before the ground freezes.
  4. Consider exterior lighting for night-time skating.
  5. White Liner will reflect light so it stays cooler.
  6. Don’t staple your liner to the boards before the rink is completely full so the liner doesn’t rip.
  7. There are mixed reviews regarding whether you should fill it all at once or by layers, but as long as the water freezes all the way either method should be fine. A strong foundation block is most important.
  8. Clear debris often and empty hose before putting away so it doesn’t freeze.

We’ve watched plenty of DIY Ice Rink videos for you, and we really thought this one was helpful.