DIY Water Slide

DIY Slip n Slide in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for a summer project your kids will love?

School is finally out, which means the kids are home for the summer. Looking for a wallet-friendly and fun way to beat the heat? Make your own slip n slide! Not only is it fast and easy, but also a project that the whole neighborhood can enjoy – at a fraction of the cost of tickets to the local water park.

STEP 1 – Identify a long stretch of land, ideally over a kept lawn. Keep in mind that kids will be throwing themselves onto this, so do not make the slip n slide over a driveway or hard surface, as it may be dangerous and cause severe injury.

STEP 2 – Once you have staked out where you will create it, lay a series of foam pool noodles in two parallel lines, about six feet apart and however long you would like the slip n slide to be. These pool noodles are extremely cheap (typically around $5 each), and can be purchased at almost any big box store this time of year. Some of these stores even sell them in quantity packs, which will save you even more money.

STEP 3 – Next comes the plastic. Due to the strong durability of the reinforced plastic, and the sun reflecting white color, we recommend our 20 mil Reinforced White sheeting by Dura Skrim. To install, simply lay and unroll your plastic sheeting from the top (start) of the slip n slide until you reach the bottom (end) of it. Plan the plastic sheeting roll to have about one foot of extra material on each side of the outside of the noodles. Once you have unrolled the plastic, flatten it out and focus on the middle (between the rolls). Any loose or untucked areas may cause the material to tear or rip, as there is no support below it.

STEP 4 – The near final step is to tuck the extra plastic on both sides back under the noodles. This now creates a sort of mini “bumper” for your slip n slide and also helps the plastic stay in place. Again, do this process beginning at the top (start) and tuck each side until you reach the bottom (end). You can also tape the bottom seam to ensure that it doesn’t come undone and the pool noodles will stay in place.

STEP 5 – Almost done! The quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to lubricate a slip n slide like this one is to simply drizzle a little bit of dish soap over the middle section of the slip n slide. Just make sure the water runoff drains properly into a designated drain. You are now ready to let the water run! Place one, or however many, hoses at the top of the slip and slide and let your kids slide into a summer of fun.

DIY Slip 'n SlidePRO TIP! For added fun, tape the noodles together (step 2) before laying the plastic over them. Make sure that the taped joints are tight and sturdy. Use tape to cap off the ends of the noodle bumpers shut (the bottom end of the slip n slide). Then, once the slip n slide is complete, poke or drill holes about ½” wide on the tops of the noodle bumper about one foot apart. Now, plug a garden hose into the top ends of each noodle and you have now created a slip n slide with a fountain action!

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