Hydroshale case study

Hydroshale Greenhouse Project

Matthew Ferrell, from Hydroshale in Gore, VA has been building a greenhouse for aquaponics use and sent us photos of his progress. Below, see him using our Dura Skrim 20WW for greenhouse covers, as well as for aquaponics applications.

As you can see from his striking poses, the material is strong enough to even hold the weight of a grown man! Here, he is sitting and laying on top of his greenhouse with only the frame and covers as support – that’s some strong plastic! Due to the scrim reinforcement and 20 mil thickness of Dura Skrim 20WW, the heavy duty material can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements, tears and rips, and ideal for underwater use. Though it is typically not used in applications such as greenhouse covers per se, this shows just how truly versatile Dura Scrim 20WW is!

The diamond-patterned scrim reinforcement also helps prevent tears and rips. If any holes occur, the scrim contains it, making repairs easy and seamless. Because it also contains UV inhibitors, this plastic is rated for 5 years of outdoor fully exposed use. In addition, this plastic is made from virgin resins, making it USDA Organic Certifiable as well as FDA Compliant.

Hydroshale Progress

Above are various stages of this operation, after the plastic sheeting has been installed. You will see the versatility of Dura Scrim 20WW as it is used both as the greenhouse cover, as well as for trough liners for the aquaponics grow beds.

It’s safe to say that Mattew Ferrell is a happy customer! We congratulate him on his project and look to Hydroshale as a great example for greenhouses, hydroponics, and aquaponics operations worldwide! If you have any questions regarding materials for greenhouses, aquaponics, or hydroponics, call us today: 1 (800) 747 6095.