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ed rosenthal mentions bold

Ed Rosenthal on Americover’s BOLD

Ed Rosenthal is a well-known and long-time advocate for marijuana legalization in California, and he has contributed to High Times Magazine for decades. Rosenthal has just released a new book, Marijuana Harvest: Maximizing Quality & Yield in Your Cannabis Garden, which is co-authored by David Downs, the Cannabis Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to Rosenthal’s website, his new book teaches growers how to save time and labor with proven practices, new products, and “scientifically proven techniques,” which debunk many pervasive “myths” in the cannabis cultivation industry.

Marijuana Harvest features the “how-to” mechanics of light-deprivation techniques for novice and experienced growers alike. Americover is honored and excited to receive mention from Rosenthal and Downs in their discussion of light deprivation:

The Black Out Light Deprivation Tarp (BOLD) has a white outer layer to reflect sunlight, keep the space cool. The black inner layer ensures complete light deprivation. It is light and tear resistant and certifiably organic. BOLD tarps are made from tough, reinforced, and tear resistant mineral. (p.18)

Light deprivation induces photoperiod plants into flowering stages by shielding plants from sunlight for 12 or more hours a day. The inclusion of BOLD in Rosenthal’s latest book emphasizes the importance of light-deprivation tarps and equipment for growers who intend to multiply the harvest season.

To learn more about light-deprivation techniques, or to purchase a copy of Rosenthal’s new book, visit his website today. BOLD and other quality greenhouse covers and equipment are available at Americover.