Greenhouse Supplies – Liners & Covers

Americover supplies liners and covers for greenhouses and aquaponic systems.

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Light-Dep-WB-linerBOLD Blackout Light Deprivation (light dep) Greenhouse Cover Tarps

Plants require 12 hours or less of light when entering the flowering stage. The method of reducing the light cycle of flowering plants with light dep greenhouse cover tarps give farmers the ability to limit the daylight during the summer months to force a crop to flower earlier. Our tarps consist of two sheets of high strength virgin polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. The white outer layer contains UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers designed to reduce heat build-up and condensation. The black outer layer contains carbon black to enhance outdoor life. Heavy duty diamond reinforcement placed between these plies increase service life, responding to tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear. BOLD is totally light blocking, UV resistant, and withstands both heat and cold (-70° F to 180° F operating temperatures).

TS-12-HUVTS12-HUV Greenhouse Cover

Greenhouse covers are designed to keep warm air inside an enclosed area.  Plastic sheeting is applied to the outside of the frame and traps solar radiation from the sun.  TS12-HUV is a clear, reinforced polyethylene laminate containing 60% more UV stabilizer additive than its predecessor making it a favorable choice in environments with above average UV levels.  The co-extruded films, the extrusion lamination process, and the high strength reinforcement scrim make this film exceptionally strong, puncture and tear resistant.  Fully exposed outdoor conditions it should last a minimum of 4 years and it withstands both heat and cold (-70° F to 180° F operating temperatures).

How Greenhouses Work and the different types

TS20WW Trough Liner

Troughs are long, narrow, open containers for growing plants.  TS20WW is a 3-ply laminate combining 2 layers of U.V. stabilized coextruded polyethylene and a high strength core grid.  It is light weight, durable, and colored white on both sides.  This material is fish and plant safe so it’s great for aquaponic and hydroponic bed liners.

Another popular product for troughs is the Dura Skrim 20WW, which consists of virgin outer layers of white high-strength polyethylene film laminated together with a black layer of molten polyethylene. Both outer layers contain UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to assure long outdoor life. The white layers are designed to reduce heat build up and condensation, and to provide excellent dimensional stability. A layer of polyester scrim reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear resistance and increases service life. This product is manufactured from a very chemical-resistant, virgin polyethylene and meets GRI-GM22 Standard Specification.

Watch this video on how the Aquaponics system works.

LLDPE-Pond-liner20B LLDPE Pond Liner

LLDPE is great for applications like irrigation pond liners, manure lagoon liners & Covers, as well as stock tank liners.  Our 20B LLDPE is produced from virgin polyethylene resins and has outstanding flexibility and elongation characteristics.  This material contains approximately 97.5% polymer and 2.5% carbon black, anti-oxidants and heat stabilizers, and contains no additives, fillers or extenders.  Since LLDPE does not contain plasticizers which can migrate to the surface, it doesn’t prematurely age.  The virgin polyethylene resins are designed to provide a high quality, economical geomembrane.

Check out a previous blog on how to install a pond liner

Ground-cover-blk-fr4&6 mil FR Poly Ground Cover Weed Barrier

4 mil & 6 mil FR poly is designed to keep weeds down.  Lay this material down on the soil as an underlayment for mulch or rocks.  Our 4 mil & 6 mil FR Poly is opaque black, fire retardant plastic sheeting.  This material can also be purchased in white.

Check out this video on how to install it.

HDPE-Root-BarrierHDPE Root Barrier

HDPE Root Barrier is a very tough, extremely strong and puncture resistant film.  Roots can have sharp points that can cause quite a bit of damage to nearby foundations, sidewalks, etc.  Installing a root barrier can help re-route the direction the roots grow to downward. Root Barrier material is excellent for planting bamboo.

Here is a video that shows how to install a root barrier for running bamboo as a privacy screen.