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Harvard Building

Harvard Is Using Fire Retardant Carpet Protection Films

Construction projects need to be quick, precise, and efficient. The quality of building materials is perhaps one of the most important factors in worthy construction. Lee Kennedy Company chose to use Americover as a supplier for their construction materials on their latest project – The Harvard Business School – and emphasized the quality of our Fire Retardant Carpet Protection Film during their construction. Using fire retardant plastic sheeting is important for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, safety. Fire retardant carpet protection film, and all of Americover’s other fire retardant products pass the NFPA 701 Test 1 and pass approval for fire marshal safety regulations. In public spaces, such as schools, hospitals, libraries, etc., the use of fire retardant sheeting may be not only an added safety precaution, but also necessary in some states. Some projects may even be shut down or condemned by the fire marshal if proper fire retardant materials are not being used. For more information on fire retardant carpet covers, or any other fire retardant products, feel free to contact us at (800) 747 6095.

Featured Photo: Lee Kennedy Company. The new facility for the Harvard Business School, opening April 2016.