Light Dep with Americover’s BOLD Products

Light deprivation cultivation is on the rise, creating a demand for quality ‘light dep’ products. Whether you’re fairly new to greenhouse cannabis cultivation, selling greenhouse supplies, or are a contractor who builds greenhouses, you need an understanding of light deprivation and products that best support the process. Americover’s BOLD® (Black Out Light Deprivation) tarps and BOLD® EZarm™ are specially designed for light deprivation growing.

The Light Dep Process

Why light dep?

Light deprivation produces higher quality yields and makes off-season sun grown harvests possible, so growers can supply the market year-round.

What are cannabis light requirements in the vegetative stage v. the flowering stage?

In the vegetative stage, cannabis plants need at least 13 hours of light per day. Once the plants hit the flowering stage, reduce light to 12 hours on/12 hours off.

How do growers simulate these photoperiods?

Growers use light deprivation to mimic the photoperiods of late summer and early fall, which trigger plants to flower. To do this, light dep cultivation requires covering the entire greenhouse to block all light to simulate nighttime conditions.

The key is uninterrupted darkness. Cannabis doesn’t like its sleep interrupted. Who does? Moon and stars are fine, but any artificial light or sunlight can disrupt the cannabis night cycle and trigger the plants to stop growing buds and revert back to their vegetative growth stage. Too much disruption can lead to hermaphroditism, which poses a threat to your entire crop.

What do you need?

Light deprivation techniques vary from something as simple as attaching ropes and pulling by hand to more sophisticated automated systems that operate off a timer. Most light dep setups require some type of greenhouse frame to support a blackout system. The most common greenhouse frame options are PVC piping, aluminum, galvanized steel, and wood. Growers then choose a method to cover and uncover the blackout tarps daily.

Manually operated blackout systems have been the most economical choice for cultivators. There are prefabricated options that consist of a set of poles or arms like the BOLD® EZarm™.  Each arm is installed in a cement foundation at both ends of the greenhouse structure to allow the blackout tarp to be attached and pulled over the structure for the blackout period. This process of covering and uncovering the structure is done twice daily for at least two months.

Americover’s BOLD® Tarps

If there’s one product you need to create reliable darkness for your cannabis, it’s Americover’s BOLD® Black Out Light Deprivation Tarp.

Americover’s BOLD® Tarps are the top-selling reinforced greenhouse cover nationwide due to their 100% light blocking and, no pinholes or perforations composition. BOLD®  Tarps are made of two sheets of high-strength virgin polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. A heavy scrim reinforcement is placed between these plies to enhance tear resistance. Diamond reinforcement instantly responds to rips and tears by surrounding and stopping them.

BOLD® Tarps are made of 8-mil black/white string-reinforced polyethylene film manufactured with a mix of virgin polyethylene resins. The white outer layer contains UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to reduce heat build-up. The black layer contains carbon black to ensure total light deprivation. BOLD® Tarps withstand both heat and cold (-70 degrees to 180 degrees F operating temperatures).

The cover’s superior tear resistance makes it easy to lift with the BOLD® EZarm™.

Sizes: Custom lengths are available starting at 50’ and increasing in 5” increments up to 500’ long. Call (760) 747-6095 for pricing or to find your local supplier.

 Americover’s BOLD® EZarm™

The BOLD® EZarm™ allows a single person to easily cover and uncover a greenhouse without additional help in less time. Specially designed to secure BOLD® blackout tarps, the BOLD® EZarm™ makes the twice-daily light dep task easy for both novice and professional growers.

One BOLD® EZarm™ set includes 2 arms and covers greenhouses up to 15’ high, 30’ wide, and 100’ long. Each base assembly is mounted to a concrete foundation (not included) to ensure the arm assembly stays firmly in place.

The BOLD® EZarm™ is 100% manufactured in the United States exclusively for Americover and can be ordered through your local grow supply store. The BOLD® EZarm™ withstands demanding outdoor conditions and the weight of light dep tarps. It is the most durable arm on the market.

Horticulturists also use the BOLD® EZarm™ to grow sensitive plant species like chrysanthemums, mushrooms, Christmas cactus, and more.

See how simple light deprivation can be with Americover’s BOLD® Tarps and BOLD® EZarm™ products. For more information, call our experts at (760) 747-6095.