dark greenhouse with light dep tarp

Light Deprivation Greenhouses: A Good Investment for Cannabis

Incorporating light deprivation into your growing efforts can yield even better results than the “old school” method of natural sunlight and weather.  Growing crops with the light deprivation method, the cultivator is able to accurately assess and adjust how much light the plants are exposed to by limiting or reducing the daily amount of light the cannabis plants receive.  Implementing this growing method for cannabis has immense benefits, especially when using Americover’s high-quality light deprivation tarp. 

Benefits of Light Deprivation 

Implementing light deprivation into your growing plan has many benefits that yield faster results and allow you to get more from your grow. Some benefits in using this method include: 

  • Multiple harvests with a quicker turnaround time
  • Light deprivation cannabis brings higher dollars, as it’s usually perceived as “fresher”
  • Light deprivation allows for testing more cultivars, without a full commitment
  • Eliminates outdoor growing hazards and adds benefits of indoor climate control, equaling a superior product
  • Reduces energy consumption; more sustainable; lower carbon footprint
  • Financially feasible and easily accessible option with optimal results

Light Deprivation and Cannabis

With cannabis quickly becoming one of the most sought-after crops, croptenders do everything they can to produce healthy, fruitful, and quick-flowering plants. In starting a light deprivation grow, the budtender is able to “trick” the plant into flowering sooner rather than later, producing a product in a shorter time span. To ensure that the greenhouse is properly covered, a light deprivation cover is placed over the greenhouse. 

The light deprivation cover is pulled over the greenhouse for a number of hours per day, allowing the flowering phase of the cannabis plants to commence early. The cannabis farmers can then harvest their buds and bring their product to market well before the big fall harvest. We recommend a reinforced cover like our BOLD Black Out Light Deprivation Tarp. This light deprivation tarp is an 8 mil dual-sided black/white reinforced polyethylene film that has diamond reinforcement to stop punctures from becoming tears or rips.

If you’re looking for a better way to grow your crops, especially when it comes to sensitive crops like cannabis, light deprivation is for you!  The benefits are undeniable – control of your growing environment, healthier crops, and reducing energy costs.  It’s easy to see how implementing this method is great for business and the environment. 

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