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moisture problems

Moisture Problems in Manufactured Homes


The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has a publication regarding the moisture problems in manufactured homes.  This document contains several checklists including a manufacturer’s checklist, installer and HVAC contractor’s checklist, and a homeowner’s checklist.  Also beneficial is the moisture problems by region of Country map.  In this picture it color coordinates the states by moisture problem, for example the southern states Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama are very high risk for summer moisture problems.

Through Design and Construction you can minimize the risk of moisture damage by taking a few extra measures like use of climate-appropriate vapor retarders and ventilation systems, proper installation of insulation and not taking shortcuts.  Avoid problems through set up with quality home installation that includes installing a ground cover, since water vapor accumulates in the crawlspace under a house causing microbiological growths in the floor system.  After moving in to a home it’s important to continue taking precautions like eliminating moisture problems at the source.  The bathroom and kitchen should have adequate ventilation during “moisture-producing activities.”

There are many things to consider when trying to prevent moisture damage in your manufactured home, this publication is a must read if you are a homeowner, installer, contractor or manufacturer of manufactured homes.

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