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custom poly bags

How to Use Custom Poly Bags

How to Use Custom Poly Bags

Simply place heat shrink poly bag over product, and from a safe distance use a heat gun to shrink the custom poly bag to the product.

Afterwards you have a sealed, finished look ready for shipping, like the products below.



These “product in action” photos are from a custom order for a customer who recently opened an online business. This customer needed a heat shrink poly bag to package their new product for shipping in order to meet the FBA requirements.

Selling on sites like Ebay and Amazon has become an efficient way to do business, but if your product is a liquid there are some requirements to how you package your product for shipping.  Most if not all methods of shipping require your product to be double sealed, and some even require your product to pass a drop test.  In addition to bagging and sealing you may need to use an additional package to prevent the case of breakage.   Meeting those guidelines protect your product and other mailed packages from damage during shipping.

If you’ve invested in an online business, you’ll want to have a professional appearance and nothing spells “start-up” like zipping your bottle of oil, soap or cleaning product in a Ziplock bag for shipping.  Americover can help you with customizing a heat shrink poly bag that will mold to your container like a second skin giving it a clean and finished look. Give us a call at 833-261-6501 to find out how we can assist your company’s packaging needs.

Amazon shows you an example of how to prep for shipping, below.