aquaponic trough liner

Trough Liner for Aquaponic Farming


Thank You Swift Grow Company for sending in these photos! Swift Grow Company is located in San Marcos, TX. They provide consulting for growers, tractor work, greenhouse construction and landscaping. In the application above they are using our PSR 12WB reinforced scrim liner as an organic lining for an Aquaponic Farm.

PSR 12WB is a great aquaponic trough liner because it is manufactured with virgin polyethylene resin. This simply means that there aren’t any chemicals and contamination in it, like what you would find in your average plastic sheeting and regrind liners (typically the products sold in your local hardware store). Since Aquaponic trough liners come in contact with plants and fish that you plan to consume it’s important to use a liner that won’t leach harmful toxins.

To read more about regrind vs virgin polyethylene click here. Swift Grow Company believes you should “Grow your own food for better nutrition and prevention of disease.” You can get free gardening tips or subscribe to their blog at If you would like more information on Aquaponic liners, Greenhouse Covers, Geodome Covers, or other farming liners that Americover has to offer, give us a call at 833-261-6501 or visit our Aquaponics/Greenhouse category on our website.