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Shrimp Raceway

What are you using for your Shrimp Raceway?

On your marks! Get Set, Go!

In the world of Aquaponics shrimp, raceways aren’t actually for shrimp racing competitions.

What is a Shrimp Raceway?

A raceway is an artificial channel used to culture aquatic organisms. Raceway systems are designed with an inlet and outlet for a continuous waterflow-through used to farm some of our favorite seafood such as Salmon, Tilapia, Catfish and Shrimp. Raceways are commonly made of reinforced concrete, but that can get rather expensive. Plastic liners are a less expensive alternative to reinforced concrete.

Americover offers fish and plant safe plastic liners manufactured with virgin polyethylene resins, some are reinforced with scrim for added durability.

Products Suggested for Raceway Applications:​










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