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Pond Skimming

Ski Season Ending, Why Not Go Pond Skimming?

This product in action photo is all about splashing around the Christmas tree. Wait. What?

Beaver Creek Resorts located in Avon, CO is the family destination for an adventurous get away. The resort is a top ski destination in Colorado as well as a favorite to the World Cup racers. With over 1,800 acres of skiable terrain, tailored ski lessons, hiking trails, and even daycare this is an ideal ski town to spend your vacation at.

As the snow begins to melt on the Beaver Creek Mountain, the resort honors this transition of winter to spring with an end of season employee Splashdown. This epic event features a Pond Skimming Championship. When pond skimming, dress as silly as possible and either ski or snow board down a massive hill into a pond of freezing cold water. It seems everyone has a strategy that works for them, but the key thing to remember is to splash as many people as possible if you fall. We didn’t get to participate, but Americover was present in plastic, with a 12 mil reinforced pond liner, durable enough to hold the water, and the rigorous activity of pond skimming. We hope you enjoy these awesome photos sent in by Beaver Creek Resorts and consider us as a source if you are planning a similar event!

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